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Aromatherapy with essential oils is the key to picture perfect drop dead gorgeous skin!

Natural and free of nasty chemicals, what's a better way to nourish your skin and love your body more?

Get your girlfriends jealous with your glowing dewy skin!

Here are 16 amazing oils for your skin with its uses:

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Wanna smell good and look good? Look no further for our Potion Master's Tribal Inspired DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces!


Terra Cotta Crafting Clay (or any air-dry clay)

Cookie or vegetable cutter

Rubber stamp

String or ribbon

Step 1
Roll out clay to 1/8″ to 1/4″ thickness. 1/4″ pendants will be less fragile but are heavier and will take longer to dry. Word to the wise: lay some plastic wrap on top of the clay before rolling so your rolling pin doesn’t stain .
DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Tutorial

Step 2
Use 1″-2″ mini cookie cutters or vegetable cutters to cut out pendants
DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Tutorial Young Living
DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Tutorial

Step 3
Firmly stamp an image into each pendant using your choice of rubber stamp
DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Tutorial rubber stamps

Step 4
Create a hole large enough for the cord, string, ribbon, or leather with the tip of a chopstick!
DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Tutorial

Step 5
Allow to air dry for 1-3 days depending on how thick you made them, or bake according to package directions if you used oven-bake clay.

Step 6
Thread string through so you can wear it around your neck
DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Tutorial

Step 7
Add a drop of Asian Potions essential oil to take with you throughout your day.


Sexy Bath Bomb

A cute yet great gift which just says you're the bomb!

How to make  foaming bath bombs



2 Cups Baking Soda

1 Cup Citric Acid

4 teaspoons massage oil ( or 2 teaspoons essential oil and 2 teaspoons olive oil)

Spray bottle with water

mold (60 mm 2 part plastic ball)


1. Mix baking soda and citric acid in large mixing bowl. Mix very well to avoid staining. You can use an electric mixer if you like.

2. Add in 4 teaspoons of scented massage oil (or other combination of skin safe essential oil for scent and another oil for moisturizing the skin). Start with a teaspoon or so and add more until you are satisfied. Mix well.

3. This next step can be a bit tricky because you don’t want your bath bomb to start fizzing. Start by adding a couple of fine mist sprays of water to your mixture and mix well.

4. You will continue spraying until the mixture will clump in your hand when squeezed. 

5. Fill one half of your mold. Pack it tightly.

6.Fill the other half of the mold and place them together—don’t snap together. Slightly overfill each half. Push the two halves together to become a ball.

7. Gently remove the ball from mold. If there are problems with the ball coming out easily, dump the mixture back into my bowl, add a mist of water (carefully), mix well and then try again.

8. Cut out about a 10 inch circle of black tissue paper.

9. Wrap tissue up around your bath bomb and trim if necessary.

10. Place a silver pipe cleaner in the center and then wrap a shiny red pipe cleaner around the the tissue paper and silver pipe cleaner. Add a lovely tag and you are finished! You might want to write instructions for using the bath bomb on the back of the tag.