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  Gabrielle Tan-The Studio  Prestige, May 2017

Patricia Knudsen- Can't Live Without.                Pendulum magazine. January 2016

Making Scents of Life.                                                                  Life Inspired. The Star Apr/May 2015

Shape May 2015


This Makes ScentsThis Makes Scents Elle December 2014


Heady Power of Scent  Baccarat

Baccarat                                                                      March 2014






Asian Potions receives the McMillan Woods Global Rising Star Award 2013

presented by Georgina Rinehart of Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd, Australia


Asian Elixirs

Marie Claire

January 2014







Women -The New Capital with Asian Potions founder at Capital FM88.9

November 2013









Bella NTV7 Mcmillan Woods Global Awards

November 2013


Asian Potions was the lifestyle partner for its Women of Style & Substance 2013 annual event

Marie Claire,

November 2013








Deborah Henry lists Asian Potions as one of her secrets to staying healthy, happy & gorgeous.

Harpers Bazaar,

October 2013






How Rozie Mastor’s fondness for fragrances and well-being inspired her to leave the rat race and brew her own potions.

The Peak, October 2013








 NONA TV3 (Episode 39)

Watch this replay on www.tonton.com.my

6th, October 2013







The Peak’s recent Diplomatic Dine-Out, co-hosted by the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia, HRH Princess Norodom Arunrasmy, had all the elements of a great gathering: fine food, great conversation and beautiful memories of friendships new and rekindled. Above all, it was a shared celebration in time, a distillation of life

As seen from The Peak.

The Peak, August 2013




Siapa tahu dia mungkin mengecap kejayaan sehebat Anita Roddick(pengasas Body Shop). Melihatkan semangat dan keyakinannya tiada apa yang tidak mungkin! “Judging from her spirit and confidence there is nothing which is impossible. She just may be as successful as Anita Roddick (founder of Body Shop).

Glam Magazine, June 2013



Alia Bastamam’s Bridal Bash.

Guests walked away with gifts from Pearl Cakes and Asian Potions

Hello Magazine, June 2013





Fashion Week Starhill Gallery

At the end of the evening, Asian Potions scented candles were presented to each guest. Alia Blastamam’s Bridal Bash. Guests walked away with gifts from Pearl Cakes and Asian Potions.

Hello Malaysia Magazine, June 2013




Bazaar Flash, Wonder Struck

Starhill Gallery Fashion Week with Asian Potions, HSBC and Leica.

Harpers Bazaar Magazine, May 2013





Perfect Scents: Rozie Mastor mixes up scintillating fragrances at Asian Potions.

The Edge Magazine, 11-17 Mar 2013





Bual Bicara Bersama Pengasas Asian Potions.

Glam Magazine, Feb 2013






The founder & CEO shares with us her remedies for a fulfilling life.

Hello Malaysia Magazine, Feb 2013






Asian Potions : Open for Business

BFM Radio Broadcast, Dec 2012



Xmas Feature : For the pampered Queen

Female Magazine, Dec 2012






Sanctuary : End the year with rejuvenating moments : Heavenly Potions

Prestige Magazine, Dec 2012






Most Glam Personaliti : Mesti Bawa : Luxurious body Cream

Glam Magazine, Nov 2012






A whiff of scented luxury.

PR & Marketing guru Rozie Mastor shares what it’s like to pursue a lifelong passion.

The Star Newspaper, 28th Oct 2012





Fans of aromatherapy will be delighted with the addition of Asian Potions to the market, a home-grown brand fused with the best of Asia’s natural resources.

Hello Magazine, Oct 2012





The exotic beauty store Asian Potions, on how to bliss out, think big, and be loved.

Harpers Bazaar Magazine, Oct 2012