Event Scenting

Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most closely linked to memory and emotions.

Make your event more memorable with Asian Potions event ambience scenting. Providing a unique suite of scenting experience and products for your special brand and/or event from weddings, product launches to corporate dinners and events.

Asian Potions is the lifestyle partner for the yearly Marie Claire Style & Substance 2013 as part of Asian Potions CSR efforts to inspire & enable women to develop their quality & wellness in life.



The Peak Dine Out Series hosted by The Peak Magazine and H.R.H Norodom Arunsamy, Ambassador of Cambodia to Malaysia at The Ritz-Carlton.




Asian Potions Corporate Bespoke for Starhill Gallery S/S13
March 13th, 2013 – Asian Potions collaborated with Starhill Gallery and produced 500 Bespke eco-friendly candles in various scents for their launch of Starhill Gallery S/S13 launch. Other lifestyle partners involved with the event were HSBC and Leica.




Asian Potions & Alia Bastamam at The Reception
March 4th, 2013 – Asian Potions recently collaborated with young fashion designer, Alia Bastamam in an exclusive event named The Reception; an event held to introduce Alia Bastamam’s first bridal collection and Asian Potions Wedding Bespoke collection at Frangipani.


Asian Potions – Lifestyle partner of Anuar Zain’s Terindah




The Benefits of Event Scenting

 "The use of scent is proven to increase sales,
build brand loyalty and improve customer experience"


Aroma Marketing Success Stories 

Scent marketing is the newest way that businesses can easily connect with customers on an emotional level. Savvy hotel operators, retailers and many other kinds of businesses have realised these benefits. 

The reason? No one bothers to tell the receptionist at a hotel or a shop that the decor is attractive or that nice music fills the air but every day ASIAN POTIONS SHOP receive comments and inquiries about the wonderful scent in the air!

Below you will find scent marketing examples of industries who have had scent marketing success.

Do you have a scent marketing strategy for your business? If not, contact us to find out how you can set yourself apart from your competition!

Scent Marketing Case Study: Hotel Industry

scent marketing for hotelsScent Marketing Challenge: Improve guest experience in a hotel

A major international hotel brand approached us to see how we could help them create a more pleasant guest experience.

Scent Marketing Solution

We connected our Central Air Scent Diffuser to their air conditioning ducting, and with just two cartridges of scent per month we were able to provide a wonderful ambient scent through out their ground floor common area an enormous space of many hundreds of square meters.

Scent Marketing Case Study: Retail Industry

scent marketing for shopsScent Marketing Challenge: Help increase sales for a ladies clothing store

A ladies clothing boutique approached us to see how we could help them to create a more pleasant customer experience and increase their sales.

Scent Marketing Solution

We installed a chic and up market fragrance with a portable scent diffusers strategically hidden from view. They have reported almost daily and always positive customer feedback about the wonderful customer experience.

Scent Marketing Case Study: Restaurant

scent marketing for food promotionsAroma Marketing Challenge: Create a scent for a beverage promotional event.

We were approached to help create a special scented event for a beverage manufacturer.

Aroma Marketing Solution

We installed a portable scent diffuser for the duration of the event. Many visitors to the event said they were literally led by the nose into the promotion stand which they would not have otherwise noticed! Its proven (Forbes magazine) that scented advertisements are far more likely to be noticed and then to be remembered than unscented ones.

Scent Marketing Case Study: Medical Industry

scent for medical practices Scent Branding Challenge: Create a brand scent for a leading dental practice

We were approached to replace the foreboding scent of a dental practice with a scent more reminiscent of a luxurious spa.

Scent Branding Solution

Our customer installed a single Central Air Scent Diffuser into their air ducting. The result was the entire practice took on the scent of an upmarket spa and no longer smelled like a dental practice. The feedback from our client was that their patients all remark that the practice smells wonderful and not at all like a dental surgery!

Scent Marketing Case Study: Gym & Health Club Industry

scent marketing for gyms and health clubsScent Marketing Challenge: Create a distinctive and fresh scent for a gym franchise

We were approached to help our client to achieve a unique and uplifting fragrance inside their health clubs.

Scent Marketing Solution

We supplied Zephyr portable scent diffusers to each of their health clubs. In no time their gyms smelled "enchanting, uplifting and energising".

Scent Marketing Case Study: Shopping Centre and Malls

scent marketing for shopsScent Marketing Challenge: hide cooking smells in a commercial shopping mall and introduce a fresh food scent to improve customer experience

We were asked to provide a scent marketing solution which would hide some bad cooking smells and improve customer experience.

Scent Marketing Solution

We supplied a range of portable scent diffusers at key traffic areas diffusing awonderful sweet caramel and vanilla scent. All you have to do is spend five minutes in this shopping mall entrance and you will certainly here the many positive comments about the scent.








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