Scent of the Month - Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass or known as serai in Malaysia is widely found in households and slowly gaining its fame in the aromatherapy market for its unique and exotic scent which reminds one of tropical beaches.
It has a lemony, sweet smell and is dark yellow to amber colour. In Ayurvedic, it is used to bring down fevers and treat infection illnesses. Its is also widely used in perfumes, citrus type soaps and is also an insect deterrent.

Chemical CompositionThe main chemical components of lemongrass oil are myrcene, citronellal, geranyl acetate, nerol, geraniol, neral and traces of limonene and citral.

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Lemongrass oil irritates a sensitive skin, so care should be taken. It should be avoided in pregnancy to avoid any possibilities of skin irritation.

Therapeutic properties



Lemongrass oil revitalizes the body and relieves the symptoms of jetlag, clears headaches and helps to combat nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions.

It is a great overall tonic for the body and it boosts the parasympathetic nervous system, which is a boon when recovering from illness, as it also stimulates glandular secretions.

It is useful with respiratory infections such as sore throats, laryngitis and fever and helps prevent spreading of infectious diseases. It is helpful with colitis, indigestion and gastro-enteritis.

Lemongrass oil helps tone the muscles and tissue, relieves muscle pains by making the muscle more supple. It helps with correcting poor circulation and as an insect repellant. It helps to keep pets clean of fleas, ticks and lice.

It also is used for clearing up oily skin and acne, as well as athlete's foot. It alleviates excessive perspiration.

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Acne Treatment Recipe

Add 50 drops of pure lemongrass essential oilsto one cup (8oz or 250ml) of aloe vera gel to create a non-greasy, healing moisturiser.

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