Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers (15ml)

Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers (15ml)

Asian Potions

$42.00 MYR


This glass petite diffuser is perfect for smaller rooms and areas. Made with the highest concentration of natural essences, your favourite Asian Potions fragrance is continuously distributed to the room via pores of reed stick.



How to use your environmentally friendly Reed Diffuser.
  • Upon opening, place the natural reed sticks into the bottle. This allows it to absorb the oil
  • On first use, soak reed sticks for an hour.
  • Flip the reeds over and insert the other end into the bottle.
  • The reed diffuser will naturally permeate your space. Your favourite fragrance will evaporate from the reed diffuser into the air, creating a subtle and scent.
  • Flip the reed sticks at least once a week to refresh the scent.
  • When it has stopped diffusing, the reeds are clogged with dust or is overly saturated.
  • Simply replace with new sticks and repeat the steps above.
  • When the fragrance has run out, replace with a new bottle of your favourite Asian Potions refill.


Available in all our best selling fragrances:

- Sakura: A crowd favourite, Sakura creates a home environment that is bright and pleasant 

- Lavender: Best known for its relaxing and soothing properties that will calm nerves

- Lemongrass: Invigorate your senses and sharpen your mind with the zesty Lemongrass

- Jasmine: Uplift your mood with this fresh and sweet fragrance

- Rose: Create a feminine and inviting home environment with this elegant Rose scent