Face Mask Chain - Posh

Asian Potions

$119.00 MYR

Embrace the new normal with Asian Potions Bespoke Lifestyle accessories.

As a lifestyle and wellness brand, we are continuously looking at ways to combine and complement each item we produce to form your sense of well-being. 

2020 has been challenging for all of us as we adapt to the new normal. Wearing a mask in public is now compulsory and mandatory (depending on which country you live in).  

However, we sometimes forget our masks, misplace them and sometimes drop them whilst removing our masks after a rather stressful period at the grocery store (it has happened to most of us), juggling errands or after a walk/ run around our neighbourhood so we've come up with these Bespoke face mask lanyards chains so it is always around our neck. 

We also hope with these Asian Potions Bespoke Face Mask chains, there will be less litter of disposable face masks.

The majority of disposable face masks are manufactured from long-lasting plastic materials, and if discarded can persist in the environment for decades to hundreds of years. This means they can have a number of impacts on the environment and people. 

We hope to see 

1. More users of reusable masks, like these from our limited edition range. These come with a sleeve should you want to include a filter for extra protection. 

2. If you need to use a medical grade disposable mask, ensure that you place it in a proper public bin after usage. You can still use your Bespoke Asian Potions Face Chain with it. 

3. Whatever you do, don't litter disposable masks! 

To make this chain completely YOURS, we offer personalisation services on the pendant tag. ( Limited to 6 characters ). Please leave your preferred name at the notes section prior to checkout. 

Light, stylish and easy to hand around your neck. 

We must add, makes great gifts.

Material information :

Stainless steel plated chain 

Alloy plated hooks and parts

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