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 Marion Caunter                               Serena C                                                  Deborah Henry

E-News Asia Host,                             Radio DJ, Celebrity                               Miss World Malaysia,

Asian Celebrity, Model                    Host(Awarded Host of 2012              Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

                                                                  by Malaysia Model Festival                Model & Host




 Maggie Wilson                                     Pamela Chong                                    Vanessa Chong

Miss Philippines World,                     Host, Model, Celebrity                        Bella NTV7 Host, Model,

Asian Model,                                          The Amazing Race Asia                      Celebrity, The Amazing  

Philippino Actress.                             Season 2 Runner Up                             Race Asia Season 2 Runner



Patricia Knudsen                                Lexie Rodriguez

Ex Producer/Presenter                        Host & Emcee, Ex Radio DJ,

at Capital FM, 88.9 for 'My City',      TV Personality, Dancer, Model

DJ by night, Ex host for 'Maxis

Football Extra' on ESPN, Host,

TV Personality





“Asian Potions is definitely one of my favorite lifestyle brands. Their Body Potions luxurious creams are one of the best. My favorite scent is “Love Potions” because of its unique flirty, sexy fragrance that last for hours and I love how it continuously improves the texture of my skin making it softer and well moisturized after every application!” ~Vanessa Chong TV Host, Celebrity, Emcee, Amazing Race Asia Runner-Up






“Asian Potions  make great gifts to share with the other Miss. Universe contestants. The aromatherapy traveling candles will help myself and my fellow Miss. Universe contestants unwind after a full day of activities during the month long pre-preparation for the finals in Brazil. Asian Potions is a modern forward thinking brand and offers good quality products so it will be a good representation of Malaysia.” ~Deborah Henry Miss. Universe Malaysia 2011



My dermatologist informed me that the ingredients have absorbed into my blood stream and that even though I may not have sensitive skin before, I’ve developed sensitive skin than. I was told that due to this, I can only use non-scented medicated toiletries. From time to time, I would try to use some alternative brands before I develop my allergies with the hopes that I may be able to use them but I always end up breaking out into allergies. Last year I was introduced to Asian Potions Body Potions, I was informed that it was SLS, paraben, petrochemical free and they use pure essential oils and high quality ingredients. It smelled amazing so despite the fact that I knew I may not be able to use it I tried one. I didn’t break out into allergies this time so I’m happy to say that I found a                                                                                 scented product which I can continue using. In fact, it actually                                                                    improves my skin much better than all the medicated product                                                                    I’ve used before! My skin is much more silkier and                                                                                              moisturized than ever.”~
Sahura Affendi